About Us

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with 15 years of expertise, is a rapidly growing force in the textile industry. Specializing in suiting, shirting fabrics, and upscale ready-made garments like Men’s Blazers, Trousers, AIRSPUN FABRICS Pvt. Ltd. caters to both middle and premium segments.

Renowned for its commitment to quality, AIRSPUN produces high-caliber apparel fabrics, skillfully woven with a blend of Natural Fibers, Synthetic Fibers, and various combinations. As a trailblazer, AIRSPUN sets new standards in textile manufacturing, embodying a vision that seamlessly blends versatility, innovation, and sophistication.

Our Vision

To emerge as a worldwide frontrunner in textile fabrics, delighting customers with unparalleled superior quality and innovative product offerings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to attain complete customer satisfaction while adhering to international productivity standards. We are dedicated to minimizing conversion costs, reducing wastage, and harnessing economies of scale. Additionally, we strive to remain agile and prepared for future technological advancements.

Nurturing Relationships Beyond Business at AIRSPUN

At Airspun Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. (AFPL), customer satisfaction reigns as our utmost priority. We consider each customer an integral part of our extended family. Nurturing strong and enduring relationships is ingrained in our culture. Our commitment to maintaining exceptional customer experiences is not just a practice; it's a fundamental aspect of who we are at AFPL.


AFPL (Airspun Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.) provide fabric solutions across diverse industries including automotive, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, corporate, and more."





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